Udo Neumann
Udo Neumann

Ideas to improve your climbing being watched in Bangalore, India last night. #ideastoimproveyourclimbing #climbingperformancecoaching #climbingtechniqueofthe21stcentury #sportclimbingindia #climbing #bouldering https://ift.tt/2sYiYPR

There is abundant information about physical preparation for climbing, but very little concerning the mental, technical aspects or skill acquisition in climbing. "Ideas to improve your climbing" is a three part video series that tries to shed some light!

Family climbing skills! 😮 https://twitter.com/ANDREW1ALBERTT/status/1202338249831788544

The Olympics will give us a rare opportunity to weave stories and predictions before the big event. I’m trying to organize the competitors into classes: specialists vs hybrids, legends vs rookies, favourites vs contenders.

As promised, the breakdown of the six newest female Olympians.