Udo Neumann
Udo Neumann

Hat das nicht schon @udini in seinen Werken gemacht? :) https://www.mdr.de/sachsen/chemnitz/chemnitz-stollberg/forschung-klettersport-boldern-tu-chemnitz-100~amp.html

the best climbing coaches are Orangutan moms! In 2011 I had the privilege to follow a mom and her child through the jungle near the village Ketambe in Sumatra’s Leuser ecosystem. Orangutan mothers take single parenting to the next level. These highly int… https://ift.tt/39W4aRZ

In coaching we work for general to specific, but when it comes to teaching movement and technique, we often just jump to our comfort zone: specific skills. In his latest article @CoachExcelsior looks at how Rudolf Laban's movement framework can help.


one-hand Release and Freeze Challenge While hanging from both hands, bring your body into a shape or have a partner guide you into a position. Now release one hand, while freezing your body like a stature, being as still as possible. Hold for three secon… https://ift.tt/2uM7gsW

Japan Bouldering Cup 2020 last problem - @tomoa_narasaki vs @kai_hrd . #climbingtechniqueofthe21stcentury #bouldering #boulderingjapancup https://ift.tt/2Hpk1fv