Boulder WC showdown at Eindhoven!

In Competition climbing by Udo Neumann


We were covering the event in an unprecedented manner as far as climbing comps go. I’m just done backuping the stills of which we took about 25.000! Add another 30 hours of HD video footage and you have material to analyze for the next ten years 😉

Our goal was basically to cover EVERYTHING that is going on. Every problem had its own video camera and a D-SLR for better detail resolution and quality (since this documentation is for the “Lizenz zum Bouldern” book and therefore needs to be printed, we need that better quality!) The D-SLRs were programmed to shoot one pic every second. This job needed almost every piece of hardware we own (plus some we rented), just backing up all the files and getting a grasp on everything we recorded is a major issue. Stay tuned for more pics and for our video of the bouldering WC in Eindhoven 2009!

Here you find the complete results for the girls as well as for the boys.