Udo Neumann
Udo Neumann




An alert mind that allows for quick descision making. Check! A huge repertoire of movements from lots of hard climbing already in the age of sixteen. Check! A body that won’t hold you back. Check!
Voilà, now you can virtually run through the notoriously overhanging Puurs competition wall! Demonstrated by Adam Ondra winning the IFSC Climbing Worldcup in Belgium Saturday night!
His style is so efficient that we foresee that in the future everybody has to climb like Adam! The videos below let you compare the top 3 climbers of the men’s finals and the women’s superfinals (due to poor route setting in the finals, more about that later) to analyze their different styles. The indisputed winner Johanna Ernst for example climbs faster and apparently effortless through those endurance monsters, from the qualification routes to the superfinals. Check out the complete results here

Puurs M E N lead result:


1.    ONDRA    Adam    CZE
2.    USOBIAGA LAKUNZA    Patxi    ESP
3.    ROMAIN    Manuel    FRA
4.    DESGRANGES    Romain    FRA
5.    BECAN    Klemen    SLO
6.    AMMA    Sachi    JPN
7.    SUPPER    Gauthier    FRA

Puurs W O M E N lead result

1.    ERNST    Johanna    AUT
2.    KIM    Jain    KOR
3.    VIDMAR    Maja    SLO
4.    EITER    Angela    AUT
5.    DURIF    Charlotte    FRA
6.    CIAVALDINI    Caroline    FRA
7.    CHERESHNEVA    Yana    RUS
8.    EYER    Alexandra    SUI

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