360° interactive videos

In Making Of climbing media by Udo Neumann

With an iPhone 4/s and the iPhone 360 video, you can capture 360° interactive video now! Normally, the Phone 4 captures 720p movie, which is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall. The first thing that you are likely to notice is that the mirror of the device covers a fairly small portion of the image sensor. While a 720p movie has 921,600 pixels per frame, the only uses about 350,000 of those pixels, which are then spread across the entire 360 degree view, floor to ceiling.

The GoPano App takes the raw camera frame and “unwarps” it, stretching out the image that started as a circle and forming it into a cylinder that wraps around. It’s comparable to the reverse process of making paper globes, like you may recall doing as a young student in grade school.

Visit our GoPano page to see the clips in action!

(so far most clips are from the „Block Fight“ boulder contest @ Arena Vertikal, as you can see, the image quality isn’t great (gets quite a bit better outdoors when there is enough light though!) but the sensation of moving through the scene with your cursor truly is remarkable!)