the perfect climbing gym

In by Udo Neumann

„I first climbed on an indoor wall in 1986, and I doubt I’ve gone a month without climbing indoors since. In the past 26 years, I’ve had some of my most memorable life experiences around indoor climbing. After training in Denver gyms and on a home woody that filled my basement, I redpointed the hardest rock climbs of my life. I courted both of my wives in the gym. (I should be clear: It was one after the other.) I’ve also had two of my worst climbing injuries in the gym. I still climb indoors at least once a week, often several times a week. Yet I have a love-hate relationship with indoor climbing. Like many climbers, my heart is with real climbs on rock and ice, and on any given day, I’d prefer to be outside. And this got me thinking: How could the gym experience be improved for outdoor-oriented climbers like me, so I’ll be more likely to return week after week? I like the gym, but I want to love it…“

download „The Perfect Gym“ (the CWA Climbing Wall Summit Keynote 2012 by Dougald MacDonald) here, a highly recommended read!