the Boulder – a Philosophy for Bouldering

In Climbing Media by Udo Neumann

Hier die Beschreibung in Englisch: An enlightening book, this is an inspired collection of thoughts on the practice of bouldering, bringing it into conversation with arts and sports as varied as architecture, dance, skateboarding, painting, parkour, martial arts and gymnastics. Reading it will enrich your climbing and encourage you to appreciate the natural physicality and artful play of bouldering. Francis Sanzaro, a boulderer and academic, shows how the pursuit of bouldering is a philosophy which can be improved and strengthened just like a muscle, benefiting both body and soul. Explores the philosophy of bouldering and give boulderers a unique voice of their own – accessible and inspiring writing from a real philosopher.

‚Finding a climber who perceives bouldering as a moving meditation, or one who values form and style far beyond difficulty, is a daunting task . . . bouldering needs its own analytical literature. In this book, Francis Sanzaro takes a significant step in that direction.‘ — John Gill, Mountaineer.

Stone Country, April 2013, Paperback 192 Seiten, ISBN 9780954877996