Petrohradské PADání 2010

In Bouldering by Udo Neumann

Petrohradské PADání 2009

What a lovely event that is! We met in the village of Petrohrad, Petr Resch led us to this years‘ area, where everybody, armed with the brand new guidebook tried to solve as many of the stunning granit problems as possible. The weather gods were gentle this year and we had two great days in the Czech forest. I mainly shot stills for my upcoming bouldering book this time. Some sequences are shot so rapidly that it makes for an entertaining slideshow. Enjoy!

Petrohradské PADání 2006

above: the only time it didn’t rain was just for the duration of the PADani 2006!

Despite the ugly weather in central Europe these last couple of weeks Simon and I managed to boulder five days straight, first in the Fichtlgebirge and than in Petrohrad. To make a long story short, Pedrohrad is an incredible granit area with huge potential, sitting in a magical old grown forest. On saturday, they had the „Petrohradské PADání 2006“ there, an outdoor bouldering contest that took place in a before „secret“ location.  We were given the brand new guide book and a list of problems. Some of the problems felt a bit overly defined, but that doesn’t matter if you are visiting the area for soulbouldering I guess. For eight hours Pedrohrad was propably the only place in central Europe without rain and we enjoyed this nice event tremendously (except that I found 3 ticks on my body the next day). We are planning to return to Pedrohrad in late fall when the leaves are gone (and hopefully the ticks too!) and the air is drier. Highly recommended!