Inspiration from our Heros

In Climbing Media by Udo Neumann

Klem’s book, Emotional Landscapes, is  „a story of the worlds most far away and most difficult Boulders, the wildlife of Australia, the African steppe, the beautyness of tropical islands, where giant rocks are meeting the ocean, the cliffs of Vietnam and the mediterranean see, the indian flair, big snowy mountains and beautiful beaches with perfect waves.“ You’ll find more info about Emotional Landscapes here and an interesting review here.

Both, Bernd and Klem are expected to even travel to place with very little rock later this year to do presentations. You’ll get a taste of what to expect from Klem here!

More reviews of Emotional Landscapes and Memento (in German and in English) will follow soon, until than, stay posted! {mos_smf_discuss:WAZZUP}