Climbing WC 2009 roundup

In Competition climbing by Udo Neumann


We all made a bet before the comp about who would win Kranj. While it was easy (but a bit boring) with the boys (at the moment only Adam can beat Adam as you can see above) we all had it wrong with the girls (below). I don’t recall a female contest on such a high level with so many blunders! At the end only Mina Markowitch and Akiyo Noguchi (bouldering WC winner) climbed their best and took first and second.

above: it has been a long season for Johanna Ernst and of course for all the others too! As mentioned above, there are not so many occasions where a climber of Johanna’s caliber looks so confused in a horizontal roof! Also, she misses the knee bar for a rest and therefore most likely the victory at Kranj. Still she won the lead WC 2009!

talking of our bet before the finals: after watching the clip below, we all had Ja-In as the winner… Stay tuned for more clips analyzing the 2009 climbing WC on!

One more thing: on the way home from Kranj Jule Wurm and I watched some parts of our „Die 2te Lizenz zum Klettern DVD“ and were impressed how smooth Patxi was back than. Check it out for yourself in this excerpt: