Bronx Rock Invitational 2009

In Competition climbing by Udo Neumann

Interview with Dave, Ceuze 2007
update August 13, 12:00

Markus is the new Dave!

Since nobody honestly would recommend bouldering on a semi-broken foot that hurts even when walking, we agreed to not put the stress on Dave. Instead the incredibly talented and versatile Markus Jung (watch him deep water soloing above the Verdon here) completes our list of world class climbers. Markus is a rock climber first and foremost but is notorious for cameo appearances at various competitions, where he usually shocks the established comp climbers. Markus is serving his civil service year in the Frankenjura and what we hear from his quick ascents of 8c’s and above, is in excellent shape for Saturday!

update August 12, 17:00
When I told Dave about the concept in 2007, he was imediately psyched and interested in participating.
On Juli 9 though he sent me the following message with some bad news:

Hey man,
I would love to come. The reason I have not responded until now is I almost broke my foot 37 days ago, and it is still healing and considerably hurt. I would LOVE to come, I just have to see if I can even climb in the first place by that date! So, I hope I can affirm to you maybe next week, after my next osteo apt, wether or not its game on. As for the moment, man, life has been really hard on the level of this injury.
sorry to be pain in the ass….

Yesterday Daniel Jung, who has been climbing with Dave in Ceuze, told me that Dave is only toperoping and still in pain with his foot. When I came back today from our meeting @ Bronx Rock, Dave had send me the following message:

Hey man, I am super bummed my foot is still fucked, it pissed me off … I hope you well man and you aren’t pissed, I would really love to participate.
Cheers buddy

Doesn’t sound good! We havn’t talked yet, but once we have be sure to hear it here first! Fingers crossed!