Bronx Rock Invitational 2009

In Competition climbing by Udo Neumann

nationality: british


Sponsors: Berghaus, evolv, metolius and The climbing Works

Achivements: Bens Roof at Raven Tor 7c+ and 2nd and CWIF (climbing works international festivle)

Expect of bronx: To e honest i have no idea! i watched the video of last year and looks awsome. Im just excited to be able to set my own problem!

Plans: Not really. I dont think i can really plan what im going to do as i dont know what im gonna get. Im just going to make it up as i go along. Probably put a dyno in there somewhere 🙂

Perfect bouldering problem: Overhanging, with toehooks and heelhooks. really gymnastic.

Meaning: Climbing means everyhting to me, its my life!!

Strengths: route reading (most of the time) and jumping

Weaknesses: stamina!!

Inspires: watching other women bouldering really hard. makes me want to do the same, though im a long way off yet!

Acheivments: Bens roof 7c+
2nd at CWIF
2nd british bouldering championships (though the next one is in 2days so wish me luck!!)

heroes: Lisa Rands
Barbara Zangerl
Liz sansoz

Music: completely random!! couldnt give you 3!

Apart form climbing:
kitting out our van ready for a years road trip to europe
working at a climbing wall

Territories: (places i like to climb)
The peak District
Anywhere in spain!!