Bronx Rock Invitational 2009

In Competition climbing by Udo Neumann

Heimat: Belgien
Alter: 23 Jahre

Beste Ergebnisse:
1. La Fabela 8c+, Santa Linya
2. Belgian Champion 2009
3. IFSC international routesetter
33. IFSC Climbing Worldcup (L) – Kranj (SLO) 2008
33. IFSC European Championship – Paris (FRA) 2008
18. Herren speed: IFSC Climbing Worldcup (L+S) – Puurs (BEL) 2008
27. IFSC Climbing Worldcup (L+S) – Puurs (BEL) 2008
15. IFSC Climbing Worldcup (L) – Imst (AUT) 2008
20. Junioren, männlich: European Youth Cup – Kranj (SLO) 2005
2. Junioren, männlich: European Youth Cup – Penne (ITA) 2005
9. Junioren, männlich: European Youth Cup – Geneva (SUI) 2005
25. Junioren, männlich: European Youth Cup – Imst (AUT) 2005
20. Junioren, männlich A: European Youth Cup – Kranj (SLO) 2003
11. Junioren, männlich A: European Youth Cup – Arco (ITA) 2003
18. Junioren, männlich A: European Youth Cup – Imst (AUT) 2003

Questionaire Participants Bronx Rock Invitational 2009

Sponsoren/Sponsors: Ocun, Rock Pillars, Mountain Hardware

Was erwartest Du von BRONX ROCK Invitational? /
What do you expect of BRONX ROCK Invitational?

Try out this new competition format that looks very fun for the climbers.

Hast du dir irgendwas Spezielles für das Schrauben vorgenommen? /
Do you have special plans for the screwing?

No idea before seeing the structure and the holds, all the inspiration comes when you see them.

Wie sieht der perfekte Boulder aus?
Describe the perfect boulderproblem.

Must require strength, technique and espacially a lot of coordination.

Wo siehst Du Möglichkeiten zur Weiterentwicklung des Kletterns? /
Where do you see possibilities for the development of climbing?

In videos definitly. These last years some very good climbing movies have been made and a larger public can appreciate thoses videos. It would be a good way to medialise climbing.

Was würdest Du an deinem Sport ändern wollen?/
What part of your sport would you like to change?

The fact it’s very hard to make a living out of it.

Was macht für dich Klettern aus, was gibt es dir? /
What does climbing mean to you?

It’s a whole lifestyle.

Stärken und Schwächen beim Klettern? /
Yours strengths and weaknesses in climbing?

Stärken/ Strengths:
Endurance, power

Schwächen/ Weaknesses:
crimping strength

Ich glaube an/ I believe in

Was inspiriert dich?/ What inspires you?

Schlaue Ratschläge? Any advice for anything?
Always stay attached to your goals.

Top 3
Erfolge/ Achievements
1. mentioned above

Helden/ Heroes
1. Dani Andrada
2. ?
3. ?

Musik/ Music
1. Soulwax
2. Thievry corporation
3. trentemoller

Beschäftigungen neben dem Klettern/
What are you doing beside climbing?

1. Studying mathematics
2. A bit of webediting and video editing

Klettergebiete/ Climbing territories
1. Freyr
2. Gorges du Loup
3. Santa Linya