Bouldering in Brazil – the next „best place“ ?

In Bouldering by Udo Neumann

“We arrived at five o’clock in Floripa, one hour later in Barra de Lagoa, our first stop. Immediately we ran down to the beach to find the boulders from our guidebook. Fast we noticed that the whole island is full of boulders. If someone of you guys don’t know where to go in the summer holidays, book the next flight to Floripa and develop a gigantic new bouldering area! The potential is endless here, also you could surf very well, even when our own tries were not so successful (I swallowed much saltwater and Robert broke his board…).”

Sounds like we have put a new dot on our map of the world for another “best place on earth”. See the pictures in our new brazil gallery…

Just after posting these news, Cláudio Brisighello from Brazil send me this mail with a link to his stunning photos:

Hi there Udo
I´ve noticed the pictures from Floripa at your page…
…if you feel curious about Brazil, one may find pics at my page,  most of them are from the best brazillian climbing/bouldering areas: (unfortunately, when I last checked, the link wasn’t working anymore ;-(